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this may hurt a little but it's something you'll get used to


8/2/05 10:07 pm - ephemerall

re-admissionCollapse )

good luck to you all. Stay strong! ♥

7/31/05 04:58 am - bitter_nothings


7/29/05 01:02 am - bitter_nothings

So this is approximately hour 120 of my fast. (Or if you'd rather- "My restricting". Since I know some of you can get rather testy. ;D!

This afternoon when I woke up I grabbed some baby carrots and a piece of bread before heading out the door to go pick up my schedule. Blah! It was only about 100 calories, but still.

I'm noticing I'm starting to lose weight alot less gradualy. Guess my metabolism is slowing down. Hopefully I boosted it a bit.

From now on I'm having nothing but water and maybe Crystal Light. I keep putting of making it. That and the Green Tea. Gosh I can be so lazy.
But anyways- Tomorrow is my pool party. I am so nervous. I really don't see a drastic change from how I looked last year- Which really bites. I doubt my friends will notice, and if they do they will most certaintly not say anything. Hopefully it will be super easy to avoid eating. I'll just pretend to be preoccupied with Swimming and (if there is such a thing) Swimming cramps.. or something.

Oy! Didn't get to start my job today because I didn't have the right pants. Can't start tomorrow either because of my party- Such a bad first impression, eh?

But I am going to post some pictures of my party, so look for that.

Oh- I just got DDR for my PS2, so I think I might do an hour or two of DDR everyday since I'm not big on going outside to run and end up having a mild death-heat stroke. Yes. Mild death. It's possible.

Hope you girls (and guys! :) are alright. If you ever need me IM me on Moony2341. I'm usually ALWAYS on.

Ps. Question- This is irrelevant, but I was wondering if whenever you get depressed does anything odd happen to your physical body?
My nails grow really long, and my face clears up.
Do you have anything weird like that?


7/28/05 02:55 am - bitter_nothings

Day 4.
Starting weight- 126
Yesterdays weight- 120.5
Current weight- 122

I don't know why I've gained a pound and a half since yesterday. It could be all the water I've had today, or maybe I'm about to start.
Anyways- It will hopefully be gone by 'morrow.

Today I got a job at Papa Johns. I'm hoping I'll be so disgusted by the preperation and constant scenery of frozen, high calorie food, and the people that order them, that I will just become so grossed out by the constant scenery of frozen, high calorie foods, and the people that order them that I will become completely disgusted by food.

The shirt they gave me is too big for me, and it's this disgusting plum color. The girls that work there are over weight and are constantly eating some of the pizza. I hope they don't nag me about not eating. I'll just say I'm a Vegan.
Phentermine is being ordered and I'm tres' excited.
Can't wait.

Do you have any experiences with Phentermine? i.e., how much weight did you lose? How did you feel? How often did you take them? ect., ect.


7/27/05 02:52 am - bitter_nothings

Gay 3
Starting weight- 126
Current weight- 120.5

Still no food!
Still on green tea pills.
A friend is ordering Phentermine for me.

Man, life if good.


What the fuck is wrong with me?Collapse )

7/26/05 02:28 am - bitter_nothings - Day 2

12 hours of sleep= good.

Nothing much to say today.
This is only hour 51 of not eating.

So yeah- like I said. Nothing much to say.

Starting weight-126
Current weight- 121.5

Not too shabby for only 2 days.


Ps. New <3 is green tea pills.
They do supress and I love them for it.

7/25/05 02:40 am - bitter_nothings - Blah

Started the green tea pills today. No appetite. Yay.

I sweated alot today while fixing up and old house. I also swam laps in the pool. Layed out- sweat some more. It's almost 100 degrees here in Pensacola. It sucks. Nothing else really to say. I really want to get my hands on some phentermine. I either need a druggie friend or a credit card.

Hmmm. Probably be easier to get a credit card.

This is only the 27th hour of my fast

  • Water
  • Couple sips of diet mountain dew
  • Watermelon shush
  • gum


  • Height- 5ft
  • Starting weight- 126
  • Current weight- 123.5


Curiosity killed the catCollapse )

7/22/05 03:57 am - bitter_nothings

Today was bad.
Tomorrow will be better.
I got some green tea pills.

How do they work?
If you've used them any stories you'd like to share?
Did you lose any weight?
Feel anything different to the norm?

Tomorrow morning I have a date with my ex-step brother and 2 best friends at Waffle House, where I will undoubtedly become sick and just lay there, sipping my water tiredly because I am oh so dizzy and feverish.
Aweeee. Poor me.


7/13/05 11:10 am - bitter_nothings

I need help.
It's fucking pathetic.

7/12/05 12:06 am - mildredandme - ugh.

sorry for not updating, but im staying the same. when i dont eat i feel to weak to excersize and its hard for me. support please...IM: raaaaachel09

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